WEE Terms and conditions of Sale
The current terms present the agreement between WEE and Client regarding the order of conditions of using the Site.

The terms govern relations between Customer (you), Wee and Sellers arising in connection with the placing and fulfillment of orders on Wee. Please carefully read the Terms before placing an order. If you do not agree with any provisional conditions, you can refuse to place the order.

By passing the verification procedure and placing Orders on the WEE platform, the Client agrees to the Terms of Sales of products to the customer for private use (Terms and Conditions) set forth below.

Any action client on use website is interpreted as acceptance of conditions in full volume, without reservations and exceptions. In case disagreement with the Terms and/or contributed changes to the Terms, the Client commits to stop usage of the Wee Site.

In Terms and Conditions of Sale, there are key terms that are indicated by beginning with a capital letter. These definitions can be found at the end of these Terms.

The Terms contain items with active hyperlinks to the pages on the Site that are an integral part Terms.
By agreeing to the Terms, the Client also accepts in full volume and without reservations the following documents governing usage of the Site:
- Privacy policy
- WEE Website Terms and Conditions
Terms come into force from the moment they are published on the wee.ae website and last indefinitely.
WEE can change Terms at any moment in a one-way order at their discretion without special notifications. Changes come into force from the moment updated editions are published on the website wee.ae.
You can familiarize with the current version of Terms on the website wee.ae.

1. How to place an order

1.1. Verification using a phone number

1.1.1. For registration on the Site and/or to place an order it is necessary the Client pass the verification procedure:
(a) enter the phone number and press the button "Continue”.
(b) in the appropriate field, enter the individual code directed to the owner via SMS. Individual the code serves as simple electronic signature, with which the Client confirms the specified phone number belongs to them and the agreement with these Terms. Simultaneously for the verification of one phone number, only one valid code can be used.
If the entered code matched, then the verification successfully passed: established as the phone number belonging to certain physical the person whose data is contained in the Account and/ or in the Order ("My data"- "Name and surname"). If the Client already has an Account on the Site, automatic entry occurs. If not, the Client will be prompted to enter an electronic email address and asked to create a new Account., if no - Client maybe enter address electronic mail and create new Account.

1.1.2. The Client undertakes not to provide to third parties the login and password, telephone number and individual codes. In case the Client has suspicions about the security of his data, their unauthorized use by third parties, the Client is obliged to immediately notify WEE at help@wee.ae.

1.1.3. By completing the Verification, the Client agrees to receive service messages simultaneously or separately to the e-mail address specified at registration / via SMS / Push-notifications / Applications / Messengers / otherwise to the phone number specified by the Client at registration and/or execution of the Order, about the status of the Order, delivery conditions, products in the Client's basket and/or added by the Client to the "Favorites", as well as with a request to leave feedback.

1.1.4. WEE is entitled to send advertising messages to the Client (in the form of SMS and/or push notifications and/or via applications and/or messengers for smartphones and/or phone calls and/or otherwise to the phone number, e-mail address specified by the Client), provided that the User has expressed the consent in a manner consistent with the requirements of the current legislation or provided that the User has not refused to receive advertising messages. You can opt out of receiving promotional messages at any time by sending an e-mail to: help@wee.ae.

1.1.5. The Client agrees that any restrictions (including blocking) related to the Client's safety or breach of these Terms and Conditions, as well as technical reasons, may be applied to his Account. In addition, by accepting these Terms, the Client agrees that the restrictions on his Account may be applied at any time without explanation and without notice to the Client.

1.2. Conclusion of the contract

1.2.1. These Terms and Conditions, as well as the information about the Product provided on the Site, are a public offer.

1.2.2. By placing an order on the WEE Site, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions that take effect immediately.

1.2.3. The rules of promotions contests, other incentive measures may establish a different procedure for making an Order and returning the products. Participation in such event shall mean the consent of the Client with such procedure.

1.3. Placing an order

1.3.1. The Client makes and places the Order on the Site.

1.3.2. Information materials about the products are of a reference nature only and cannot fully convey reliable information about the properties and characteristics of the products, including colors, sizes and shapes. In case of questions about the properties and characteristics of the products, the Client should contact WEE or the Seller before placing the Order.

1.3.3. The client specifies the following information:
(a) Name and telephone number of the Client.
(b) the delivery address of the Order.
(c) E-mail address.

1.3.4. If, in accordance with the requirements of the law, it is necessary to check the efficiency of the products before transferring it to the Client, such checks are carried out in the Warehouse of the Seller before transferring the products to the Delivery Service.
1.3.5. Information about the current status of the Order can be found in the Personal Account - "Order History".

1.4. Cancelling orders

1.4.1. The Seller, WEE or the Customer may cancel the order.

1.4.2. The Seller or WEE has the right to cancel the Order with the notification of the Customer if the execution of the Order by the Seller, WEE or the Delivery Service has become impossible for reasons beyond the control of the Customer, the Seller, WEE or the Delivery Service in the following cases:
· If the Order is found in the process of assembly is found to have a Product defect, the products are re-sorted and there is no availability of the products of proper quality for shipment to the Client,
· The Seller has no products for any reason,
· False information is revealed about the products (including, but not limited to: on the consumer properties of the products, on the price, on the conformity of the description of the products on the page of its actual properties, on the availability of necessary documents for the products, etc.),
· Lack of documents confirming the quality of the products,
· Other circumstances prevent the transfer of the products in an agreed manner.

The Customer has the right to agree new terms of delivery of products by the way of placing a new Order, if at the moment of Order execution, the products are on sale. If the Seller has no products, the Customer can agree with him a new delivery time, but if the Seller has no products in the new period, the Order will be cancelled. If the price of the products has increased at the moment of the Order registration, the difference in price on the day of the new Order registration is not compensated.

1.4.3. If the Customer has made an Order for the products, and the Seller does not have the necessary quantity in the warehouse, the Seller adjusts the quantity of the shipped products. The customer can see the adjusted quantity of products on the page of the current order in the Personal account - "Order history".

In case of partial or complete refusal of the Order products for which the adjustment was made, as well as of all products of the Seller making the adjustment of the products, the money paid for the delivery of the products of the Seller making the adjustment of the products is automatically returned to the card of the customer from which the payment was made.

1.4.4. WEE has the right to cancel Customer's Orders containing products which the Customer has previously refused 5 or more times, indicating reasons not related to the presence of defects in these products.

1.4.5. The Customer has the right to change the purchase decision and to refuse the entire Order, until at least a single product has been transferred for delivery, as well as to completely refuse all products in the Order at the moment of receipt. The Customer shall not have the right to refuse the products having individually defined properties which can be used only by the Customer.

1.4.6. Conditions of refund when canceling the Order before its receipt or at the moment of transfer to the Client:
The funds paid for the products and for the WEE services are automatically returned to the Client's card in full.
2. Payment
2.1. Price of products and terms of payment

2.1.1. The price of the products is indicated on the Site and can be changed by the Seller unilaterally. The item in the Order is paid at the price indicated at the time of clicking the "Go to Payment" button at the Order Checkout. The price for the Customer's Ordered products is not subject to change.

2.1.2 We accept payment in the following ways - in addition to any other method we may specify on the Wee website:
- Credit or debit card
- Cash-on-delivery (COD). The products will be transferred to you after payment by cash or card upon receipt.

2.1.3. We may remove, add, change and/or discontinue (temporarily or permanently) the card or other payment methods we accept at any time without notice.

2.1.4. In case of successful payment of the Order using the "Card online" payment method, WEE sends the cash receipt in an electronic form (or a link to the cash receipt with the possibility to download it in PDF format) to the phone number or e-mail address specified by the Customer.

2.1.5. The types of discounts, points, order and conditions of their accrual are specified on the Site and can be changed by WEE unilaterally.

2.2. Payment using bank cards and electronic payment means with bank cards

2.2.1. Operations on bank cards are made by the cardholder or a person authorized on the basis of a power of attorney formalized in accordance with the legislation.

2.2.2. The bank authorizes bank card operations. If the bank has grounds to believe that the transaction is fraudulent, the bank has the right to refuse to perform the transaction. In order to avoid the misuse of bank cards during payment, all prepaid Orders are checked by WEE. WEE reserves the right to cancel the Order without explanation. The Order value is returned to the owner's bank card.

2.2.3. "Acceptance and processing of payments using bank cards is carried out by the provider of electronic payments. WEE and the Seller do not process, including collection and storage of Customers' bank card data"
3. Delivery
3.1. Delivery is performed by WEE or the Seller on their own or by the Delivery Service contracted by them. The possibility of delivery at the address of the recipient is determined at the moment of Order registration. The agreed method of delivery is the method chosen by the Client from among those available at the Order.

3.2. The Customer shall check the appearance, packaging, quantity of products, completeness, and assortment in the presence of the person delivering the Order. Claims against the Product in terms of completeness, range, quantity, and appearance shall not be accepted after the transfer of the Order by all means of delivery.

3.3. When transferring the Order, the person who delivers the Order has the right to request the presentation of the recipient's identity document, and the recipient is obliged to provide the identity document in the following cases:
· in order to avoid fraud, and to fulfill the obligations assumed when handing in the prepaid Order.
· Upon delivery of the Order containing devices for consumption of nicotine-containing products, pyrotechnic products, lottery tickets and other Products for which age restrictions are applied.

In a case of absence of an identity document or discrepancy of the recipient's age, the products are not transferred to the recipient, but the service on delivery will be considered rendered.

3.4. Passing the risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the products.

3.4.1. The risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the products shall pass to the recipient from the moment the Order is transferred to them. If the products are lost before the specified moment, the Customer shall be reimbursed the cost of the prepaid products and their delivery after receiving confirmation of the loss of the products from the Seller or the Delivery Service.

3.5. In case of carrying out marketing actions, which involve placing any objects in the Order, delivery of the mentioned attachments is carried out together with the products.
4. Returning products
4.1. If you wish to return your order, you must submit to us a request for the return of the delivered products within fourteen (14) days of receiving the products ordered by you through the WEE chat available on wee.ae or by sending a request to help@wee.ae.

4.1.2. You agree that the Seller will confirm and process a refund of the stated price of the ordered products you wish to return upon the Seller's acceptance of such products, and such reimbursement will not include the cost of delivery for which you have paid. Due to any replacement/exchange you will have to place a new delivery/assembly order.

4.1.3. You agree that the reimbursement will be issued to you as follows:
· If you pay by electronic means (e.g., by credit or debit card), the refund will be processed and reflected on the same card used for payment.
· When you pay with cash on delivery, the refund will be processed and transferred to your account details, which you will pass to support as part of the settlement.

4.1.4. In accordance with our Return Policy, you agree that your refund will be initiated only after the Seller has given you notice of receipt and inspection of the returned products. Accordingly, you agree that you will receive a refund within thirty (30) days from the date on which the Seller sends the refund approval notice, depending on your card's banking policy.

4.2. We are also unable to accept returns, replacement or exchange of products in the following categories:
- Underwear;
- Lingerie;
- Fragrances;
- Health & beauty (i.e. skincare, make-up & cosmetics);
- Any other products which are personalized to your order;
- Products that have been used or damaged by you or are not in the same condition as you received them;
- Any consumable products which has been used or installed;
- Products with tampered or missing serial numbers;
- Products that fall under specific categories, including food, beverages, household products, digital books, swimwear, hosiery, underwear, socks, health, contact lenses, hygiene related and personal care products and certain baby products (e.g. tethers, diapers, hygiene tissues, feeding related products) music, video and video games;
- Any other categories, items or products that may be mentioned or classified in the listing as cannot be returned, replaced or exchanged on the WEE Site.

4.3. In all cases, you are entitled to return, replace or exchange your received products only in the following cases:
-You have received a wrong order/products;
- There was a defect or damage in the products upon delivery;
- You have received the products materially different from the description listed and/or provided on the WEE Site;
- You did not open or use the products;
- You received the products but they do not meet the agreed specification (i.e. wrong size, color, etc.) stipulated or listed on the WEE Site;
- Any other circumstances which may be prescribed on the WEE Site from time to time.
5. Other terms
5.1. Intellectual Property

5.1.1. All text information and graphics contained on the Site are the property of WEE, the Sellers and/or their counterparties.

5.2. Guarantees and liability

5.2.1. WEE and the Seller shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Customer as a result of the improper use of the products ordered on the Site.

5.2.2. WEE is not responsible for the content and operation of the External Sites.

5.2.3. WEE may assign or otherwise transfer its rights and obligations arising from its relationship with the Client to third parties.

5.2.4. WEE is not responsible for any losses that the Client may incur as a result of the transfer of their phone number to the ownership of another person, including as a result of the long-term (from 3 months) non-use of such phone number by the Client.

5.2.5. WEE is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Client during Verification.

5.3. Privacy policy

5.3.1. Detailed information on privacy and personal information protection is available here

5.4. Communication and other conditions

5.4.1. WEE or the Seller shall send the Client notifications and messages by the telephone specified during registration and/or by e-mail specified during registration

5.4.2. In case of any questions, the Client should contact the Seller's Customer Service at help@wee.ae or via WEE chat in the Personal Account. If a claim arises, the Client should send an e-mail to claim@wee.ae.

5.4.3. WEE or Seller's responses to the Customer's claims and claims are deemed to be sent in the appropriate form if they are sent to the Customer's e-mail address indicated by the Customer at the time of registration.

5.4.4. All disputes arising between the parties will be settled by negotiation, and if no agreement is reached, the dispute will be referred to the judicial authority in accordance with the current legislation of the UAE.

5.4.5. The invalidity of any provisions of the Terms and Rules by a court does not invalidate the rest of the provisions.

6.1. Information about WEE:
Address: Shop #21, Al Garhoud Business Center, Dubai, UAE
Tax Registration number (TRN): no number
Tel & Mob No: +97148755333

E-mail Address: help@wee.ae
Type of Business: General Trading
Trade License No: 1062269
Key Definitions
In Terms and Conditions, the following words are used as key words:

Conditions – the current document posted online at the Internet address

Client – a fully capable physical person placing an Order on the Site or listed as the recipient of products or Certificate on the service; using the Products exclusively for personal, family, household, and other needs, not related to the implementation entrepreneurial activities.

Good/Product – a material object, not withdrawn from civil turnover and or services presented for sale/Order on the Site

Order – a request by the client on the acquisition of products and its delivery to the specified address chosen by the client.

Personal Account - personal page of Client on the Site containing all information about Orders.

Seller - Legal entity or individual entrepreneur listed as a Seller on the Product page.

Site - www.wee.ae and mobile WEE application, which is owned and administered by WEE.

Service delivery - legal entity, individual entrepreneur, or self-employed person, providing services for delivery orders to Clients.

Verification – a procedure that allows to confirm the existence of a provided phone number and associate it with a specific physical person, as a result of which the Client is assigned a specific ID and personal Account linked to the verified number phone.

WEE - WEE HUB GENERAL TRADING L.L.C. – owner of the Site and program, including applications for mobile devices that provide access to information and reference base of Product data from Sellers.

In case of absence of any definitions in this section, interpretation of such concepts will be carried out in the first priority in accordance with the laws of Emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. In a second priority, according to the text of Terms and conditions, and third priority, in accordance with established practices and common definitions on the Internet.